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In 2010, Wildflower Women’s Organization was created to inspire and inform women as they transition through divorce and widowhood. On average, after divorce or widowhood, women experience a 73% reduction in their financial position and a 17% decrease in their income, and yet, they’re frequently the primary care providers for children.

Wildflower Women’s Organization offers financial, legal, and educational advocacy, as well as guidance and information, to address the immediate and long-term needs of women and their families as they go through challenging times. Our support for women includes workshops, mentoring programs, and scholarships.

The Organization arose from the Wildflower Group, which was started in 2006 by Joan Rogliano to help women in the Denver metro area face the challenges that accompany divorce and widowhood. When word of the Wildflower Group spread, women were coming for help that couldn’t be provided, and it was clear that something needed to be done. In 2010, Wildflower Women’s Organization was formed to address the needs of women and their families.

The organization provides assistance to women across the country, and we welcome your recommendations for women who could benefit from our services.